LightMate Gedit Theme and now for TextMate too!

5 12 2007

Ok kids, finally got the themes available up on my website:

Check the screenshot below for the gedit theme or hit up my website for screenshots of Textmate.

I really hate working in dark environments…well lights off yes, but a bright computing environment is a must. Thus when customizing gedit to work like TextMate for rails work I really hated the DarkMate theme – and the default lightish theme I didn’t like either.

So I made my own based on some colors from DarkMate. Take a look:

  • rhtml:

rhtml file

  • ruby:

ruby file

UPDATE: Theme is for GTKsourceview-2.0 and later (this is installed with Gutsy Gibbon). This theme will not work with Feisty or earlier releases.

download the theme here!

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4 responses

8 01 2008


I have downloaded your file, but where do I put it? I put LightMate.xml in /usr/share/gtksourceview-1.0/ and restarted gedit but nothing happened. I am using gedit and gnome 2.18.1 on ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 updated regularly.

Thanks in advance, it’s a great theme.

8 01 2008

This theme is for GTKsourceview-2.0. You’ll be upgraded to this automatically when you install Gutsy Gibbon. GTKsourceview-2.0 broke the older (Fiesty on back) theme support for Rails in gedit, but now its really easy to customize your theme.

6 06 2009

Hi There,

Where can I download this ? Your link isn’t working,

Thanks in advance !

7 07 2009

Its back up. Had some server issues that took me a while to sort.

Should be working now

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