Installed Back Track 2 to Acer Aspire 5570z


I spent about 5 hours but finally got Back Track 2 distro of Linux installed to the harddrive of my new Acer laptop. I fried a Compaq in highschool trying to install RedHat so I was a bit wary of this. I followed the video tutorial and it all worked pretty well. I now have a dual boot machine with all the hacking tools I could ever need…I mean offensive security tools I could ever need.

Its nice to be back into Linux – I was taught Linux in my high school computer science class by a great teacher Roger Frank – a founding member of Sun Microsystems – but haven’t used it since.

Problems with the install:

  • Partitioning took about 4 restarts to get it to work, and create the filesystems, mount them, and install BackTrack
  • No wireless lan support because my laptop has an external switch for the wireless – which defaults to off
  • More to come i’m sure

I’m going to get Ubuntu up in the next few weeks and check that out too.


2 thoughts on “Installed Back Track 2 to Acer Aspire 5570z

  1. Here is the new version from backtrack, it is backtrack 4 pre, i found a very god install howto.
    look here:
    i hope you can read this one, the have screenshots and a pdf file, so you can download this one.
    the works perfekt for me.
    i hope you like it.


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