Now fully working in Ubuntu Linux

Linux, Rails

I got Ubuntu installed and up and running on my machine at work.

Its great to back in the Linux environment after being in Windows:( for so long.

Getting everything up and running was a bit of a process and I’ll post more about getting Rails and Ruby code editing up as well as some of the other problems I’ve had, like mouse issues, and sound issues, and network issues.

I love the easy of getting new applications with sudo apt-get install

I don’t love Banshee’s lack of podcast support. By this I mean no chapters menu, and it burns podcasts as all one track to CD unlike iTunes.

Why isn’t iTunes supported on Linux?

I hate DRM music from iTunes – I can’t listen to a third of my music in Banshee or anything for that matter.

I love workspaces

I love assigning my keyboard shortcuts (even made my own in firefox)


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