Uninstalled BackTrack2, removed dual boot, back to Vista.

Linux, Windows

So my wireless card was supposed to work right off the bat with BackTrack so I could start breaking WEP128 encryption on wireless networks. But as it turns out BackTrack doesn’t recognize the wireless switch on the outside of my laptop.

So for the uninstall.

1. I didn’t want to just delete the partitions because I wanted to remove the bootloader LILO first.

2. I ran the command

lilo -u /dev/sda

at a terminal window in Linux.

3. It told me my disk was busy and it couldn’t be removed :(

4. A tutorial told me to boot up with the live cd and unmount all the drives and it should remove it

5. I mounted and unmounted the drives several times and ran the same command above on all the different partitions sda1-sda7 but it now tells me it can’t find LILO signature on any drive…so maybe the first command worked after all?

6. I rebooted and LILO was gone and Windows Vista started almost normally – it froze after the loading screen but I rebooted and I got to the login screen. YAY I didn’t fry my laptop.

7. Now to try either for Mac OS X install or maybe switch to


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