Configuration Clusterfuck.

Linux, Windows

So after the “fiasco,” or rather, “disappointment” of signing over my software today all hell broke loose.

The company that shares office space with the company I’m contracting for moved out today and they wanted me here to make sure they didn’t take our server down.

That went smooth so I decided to disconnect all the unused ports from the empty offices so I could add two switches. We for some reason, have a 24 port switch for over 50 data ports in the office. So the <omitted> company that was moving had installed their own switches to add computers to offices. So I wanted to add the switches to the locked telco room instead of having them floating around under desks.

I disconnected several of the ports, careful not to take down any of my company’s offices. So then I come back to my linux machine and I can’t get internet. At the same time no one can print. And the fax machine ran out of ink.

So I could not figure out why I couldn’t get an IP address on any of the connections that had been unplugged and plugged back in. Turns out the DHCP server was on one of the servers that got moved. Awesome. So I fire up the <omitted> beast and get DHCP working after an hour of trying everything else.

Great, now I can get a connection, cool. I hook up an old fax and the old lady trying to use it keeps getting an error. I decide to ignore her, usually best to leave frustrated women the hell alone, and I focus on the printer. After another hour of tinkering turns out the printer can’t get an IP. I end up having to set it statically and no config of any other machines on the network was needed.

Ok, awesome, internet and printing, but no fax. I decide to fax my dad a test sheet. He’s not at his office at 7:00 fucking-o’clock on Friday but it went through without error. Old lady musta had her numbers wrong…I’ll deal with her on Monday.

What a Friday…t<omitted> deadline. I think I’ll get schwasted tonight.


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