Don’t Get Screwed by your client.


I was hired as a contractor to advise on technical and IT issues for a
<omitted> company in April.
They were searching for a database system that would work for them.
We couldn’t find one off the shelf so I said I could code one with
Rails for them.
Well now the <omitted> piece is done and the <omitted> piece
is half done and they asked me today to sign over my copyright so I
can’t sell the software to any other companies.
I am employed as a sub contractor and the checks go to my LLC.
I am (well was) planning on marketing this software to several other
<omitted> companies as there is no solution like the one I’ve made
available so my price is (was) going to be substantially high.
My question is how do I retain copyright, appease my
client, and sell my software?
My thoughts were to license it exclusively under some sort of open
source license to the client, so that I could, as an “outside”
developer, use my own code and resell it after modifying under the
terms of the license.


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