Ubuntu on Acer Aspire 5570z


I successfully installed Ubuntu to my laptop and after all weekend finally got wireless and sound working.

Wireless was the hard part – for anyone looking how to set this up I followed the instructions here.

Update 8-29-07:

the above link is to the end of the post – the directions are at the beginning: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=512828&page=1

Worked awesome once I ran the scripts and restarted – had a hard time however connecting to a WEP encrypted network even though I had all three different passkeys.Sound wasn’t working and I was worried I would have to hunt down obscure drivers that might not exist. The Aspire boasts HD surround audio and sounds great so I was disappointed when it didn’t come up right away.

Of course it was a super simple fix. Double click the volume icon in the tray. Under Preferences check Surround and then increase the volume on the new Surround slider and unmute it. Worked perfectly and no installation or searching for drivers.

I’m working on setting up gedit so I can work on my Rails projects like I do here in the office.


4 thoughts on “Ubuntu on Acer Aspire 5570z

  1. I also have an Aspire 5570Z running Ubuntu: Feisty Fawn. Yes. It was a great pleasure ridding my system of the ancient computer plague we know as “Windows.” I just purchased this machine a few months ago and suddenly, without any known cause, Windows popped up a message telling me that the pre-installed copy of the OS is not mine. I entered the ridiculously long product key that is printed on a label stuck to the base of my laptop at least five times to no avail.

    Apparently, the CD with all the fancy holographic emblems (including a microscopic image of some unknown individuals) that came with this PC is somehow an illegal copy. So, I decided to give up and go Linux.

    I have experienced a few minor problems with my system and would like to inquire of you if you have successfully implemented your installation of Ubuntu, bug free? My problems consist mostly of some minor graphics flickering in such applications as Google Earth. Also, all my media players persist on shutting down anytime I try to play a .divx or .wmv file. Because of this such wonderfully useful sites, such as Stage6, have now become useless for me, since I cannot play their videos.

    If you have faced such problems and have any solutions, please let me know.

  2. Travis,
    I haven’t used Google Earth on Feisty yet so no help there. I haven’t noticed any other graphics issues except with .wmv – MPlayer will play it (you have to get the “restricted” codecs (proprietary stuff Ubuntu doesn’t want to license from Microsoft…) I did this using Automatix 2.0. I just checked out some of my divx encoded avi files and they seem to play fine…i’m using 1280×800 res.

    And bug free by no means – mice don’t work as expected, sound was a simple trick to get it to work, and wireless has been a pain the ass. Turns out I still can’t connect to WEP protected networks – but I can connect at work and at my apartment just no where else….my girlfriend hates the laptop now because I spend all my time either trying to get it to work or coding…i think you apt-get install automatix 2.0 – or maybe I had to google it and then download the feisty package…i’d try both.

  3. I figured out that the problems I was having with the graphics were from the Desktop Effects. As soon as I disabled them it started working perfectly.

    That’s an interesting bug with your wifi card. What method did you use to get it to work? I installed ndiswrapper and the Windows driver for it. It works perfect for me. The only bug is that it’ll tell me at times that I am connected to “the wired network” instead of a wireless. But it has no effect on the performance whatsoever.

    I have also been having a pretty rough time getting the Synaptics Touchpad to function properly. It works, it just doesn’t have all the neat features that are built in, such as the hot-spots, or the touch sensitivity, or accidental palm touching sensor, etc. Mostly, though, I use a wireless Logitech mouse that works just fine.

    My install is now, virtually, bug free. Of course, about all I ever do is browse the net and code… Is there really anything else to do with a computer? (Besides gaming, that is, which Linux isn’t exactly made for, anyway.)

  4. My issue with Linux in general is that nothing is really easy for someone like my mom to setup. I think its built way better than windows but when I plug in my mouse I want it to do all the cool stuff its supposed to do out of the box and not go hacking the xorg.conf file.

    Windows does have the advantage as far as hardware b/c these huge companies devote all there time to making sure their stuff works for the general idiot windows user and not for the 3% that use linux.

    Apple has the unified hardware platform so the operating system works 100% of the time 100% of the way its supposed to work and won’t have to much issue connecting a new monitor or mouse.

    The wireless bug pisses me off but I got my Sprint card working so I’m online anywhere I go….which is sick.

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