Wireless Issues with Ubuntu on Acer Aspire 5570z


Ok so I posted about how to get the Atheros wireless card working on the Aspire in Ubuntu….and I could see wireless networks in network manager after I installed the script. But I couldn’t connect to any of them, even open networks! AGH!

So I then downloaded wicd from the guy who posted the Atheros fix script. And I was able to connect to only one open network, who, after “hacking” into the router, I found they had no internet connection…and it wouldn’t connect to my girlfriend’s WEP even though I knew the passphrase and keys! AGH!

So then I downloaded wlassistant using sudo apt-get install wlassistant

Still nothing seemed to work but then I ran sudo wlassistant and I was able to connect to open networks (haven’t tested WEP but I’m sure it’ll work). So then I created a launcher (sudo wlassistant) and gave it a nice icon and threw it up on the panel! You could even throw that in your startup scripts to run on system launch.


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