has_many Association Troubles

Rails, Ruby

So I followed the simple example provided by Josh Susser’s New association goodness in Rails 1.1 but within my own models I can’t seem to get the connection to work.

I have a  <omitted>, a <omitted>, and a <omitted> join model. I want one <omitted> assigned to several <omitted> and a <omitted> can have several <omitted>…thus the need for the join table. I’m storing just the id’s for <omitted> and <omitted> in the join table as <omitted>_id and <omitted>_id. When I run <omitted>.connections.size I get the correct number of associations for that <omitted>.

The rub is I can’t do the rails magic of <omitted>.<omitted>.name – it get a huge error in the console instead of what I want the output to be.

Don’t worry I solved it…


Silly rabbit, auto complete in Outlook isn’t a safe way to store contact info.


We had a new sales guy start today and he needed his “contacts” transferred to his office machine from his laptop.  Turns out his contacts are actually just the output from Outlook’s auto complete feature.  Turns out this info is stored in a .nk2 file locally.

After poking around some forums I found a program that will parse this file into a CSV so you upload them to Outlook as real Contacts.   I downloaded it and it worked great.  It puts a shameless plug into each contact you export/upload but I didn’t have to pay for the software and it worked well and fast.