Flash Freezes Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu (and sound issues)


Update: Haven’t run into this for a while but generally either update firefox (then restart your machine) or just well, restart your machine.

have no idea what is causing Firefox to, out of the blue, totally freeze when any flash content loads…youtube…beatport…my own flash stuff…anything. Can’t seem to find a fix on the web…if you know how to do this drop a line.

And I thought I lost my sound support – all at the same time as the Firefox incident…after reading tutorials on restoring/reinstalling/re-thinking-linux I gave up and decided to not go hacking my xorg.conf file or anything else…

Turns out you need to check all your cords…I check the speakers on my window’s machine – worked fine – and check the connection to the linux box – but I forgot I had an extension cable for the audio and the jack wasn’t making full contact…ha ha…no hacking needed…just a little wiggle.

Now for a nice date with my lady.


Update on PDF Generation and Emailing


Sick! After 15 minutes of setup and 4 hours of debuging I have the ability to generate,save, and then email a pdf all from a Rails app!

Here are the keys:

1. I’m using PDF::Writer for PDF generation

2. I followed the standard email with attachment setup outlined in Pragmatic’s Rails Recipe eBook.

3. The key is on the file read: file=File.open("#{RAILS_ROOT}/path/to/file.pdf") will result in an empty pdf – well not totally empty – it has all the data, it just won’t display it…shit…now what?

4.After 4 hours of hair loss I decided to  browse the PDF::Writer tutorial and found what does work: file= File.open("#{RAILS_ROOT}/path/to/file.pdf","rb")