Headphone Support for Acer Aspire on Ubuntu (finally figured it out)


So after I got the laptop speakers working a while back i could not figure out how to get the headphone jack rockin…so here it is…and its simple.

Open the sound config panel.  Go to  Edit=>Preferences.  Then add “Front” and “Headphone”.

Now you need to turn the “Surround” all the way down – or mute it – so that you don’t blast “Sexy Boy” to the entire coffee shop…whoops ;)

Then turn “Front” all the way up and under the “Switches” tab make sure “Headphones” is checked.

Now you should have headphone goodness…and spare the coffee shop your obsession with French chillout bands.


7 thoughts on “Headphone Support for Acer Aspire on Ubuntu (finally figured it out)

  1. Hey man thanks so much…i have to take a lot of calls from my laptop using skype and i couldnt do it with my laptop speakers on…your method worked perfectly…

  2. hey your solution looks promising but I cant seem to find any add option in my Sound Config Panel… I’m new to Ubuntu so plz pardon my ignorance.
    Waiting for your response patiently (not really patiently though quiet frustrated with this problem..)

    Thanks in advance

  3. @Jane

    Looks like some of the sound options have changed in Gutsy. I don’t have my Acer with me so I’ll check out how to rock the headphones tonight and give you a report.

    I suggest turning every option on (dbl click the volume control, then Edit then Preferences and check every unchecked item) and see which one lights up the headphones if any.

  4. Hi there,

    sitting with my aspire 7730G trying to find out how to get the headphones to work. My fix was to NOT mute the surround but the “Front” instead, Surround controlls the volume along with master.

    Thanks !

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