Upgrades and Updates…my take


Generally I’ve found that when someone has the software on their machine upgraded (like in an office setting) or updated to a newer version, it does more breaking than fixing and causes general havoc for the user.

Now, I am a lover of things new and shiny and don’t really care if somethings break or need fixing b/c I’ve updated and upgraded to the newest and latest thing.  But the people I work with seem to not like this very much.

Upgrading and updating should only be done in two circumstances: 1. The user requests new/updated software or a new or upgraded machine.  2. The update/upgrade is legally neccessary.

If a user has not requested their software to updated then things are probably running pretty smooth in their little world.  However, software sometime requires an update not necessarily by law, but so that the end user can comply with new laws.  This I’ve seen is especially important with mortgage industry softwares such as Caylx Point.  I’ve seen so many mortgage companies running on very old versions of this software and I am continually asked, even though I don’t work in the mortgage industry anymore,  to pirate and provide up-to-date software.

So one, only update when asked for an update, and two, update only when legally necessary.


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