Capistrano on Windows…totally not possible…damn it!

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After a few hours of not finishing this retarded project (we’re into month 4 of two scheduled months) I’ve discovered some things about my server…my windows x64 server 2003.

So I’m not using the acclaimed Capistrano or SVN to manage my projects here – its just me, I’m the only one working on it and there’s one server – no need to spend the learning time upfront for something that I won’t use.  Instead, I like to roll totally unsecure, that’s right…Remote Desktop.  Ok so I was coding in Dreamweaver before I made the switch on my dev box to Ubuntu…I just mapped the drive where my app lives on the server and I edit them directly in DW.  Now I use a TextMate-ified gedit to do the same thing on Ubuntu.  Well I have this process that occasionally gives me Errno::EINVAL and I have to restart the server…this requires remote desktop login, open services, and click restart on the mongrel service (see previous post on how to get this work in x64land) .

General waste of time.  So then I think – it would be nice to use cap restart and wha-la I’m back in business.  Well this requires, for Windows, Cygwin, the sshd module for Cygwin, SVN, and the Capistrano gem ($ gem install -y capistrano).  Because Cap basically logs into to each server you list using S(ecure)SH(ell), you have to have a ssh server running on all your servers. Cake if your in *nix and Windows x32.  I found a somewhat confusing tutorial on setting up Cygwin for ssh from Colorado School of Mines.  It got me as far as getting ssh service installed.  However, sshd in Cygwin does not have x64 support.  So basically you can’t run a shh server from Cygwin, and Cap can’t run its unix commands on your windows x64 system(update code from repository, restart webservers, etc).

This is really unfortunate.  I really wanted to be able to gracefully update and restart my server from afar.  I’m disapointed I can’t use tools like Capote, by Fernand Galiana (a fellow member of Derailed, the Denver Ruby on Rails UG he founded, and also he is the genius behind ZiYa Charting for Rails) Capote is a web-based Capistrano manager – He took the command line techniques of Cap and turned it into a graceful web app that can manage all your Cap recipes…but for me too bad.  I did get a commercial SSH for free (I think? SSH Tectia) and I can now at least get a secure command line from afar.  I guess I could still run Cap, but I’m spent with this Windows tomfoolery


5 thoughts on “Capistrano on Windows…totally not possible…damn it!

  1. I started doing Rails development on windows, but it became so much easier when I switched to Ubuntu. I can’t go back now, there are so many useful command line tools available for Linux, Windows can’t compete.

  2. Nothing is impossible! I deploy from Windows with capistrano to any Remoteserver i want to…
    But you have to modify a lot of things. It’s really trick but it’s possible.

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