Christmas List

  • Add my list stuff
  • add “best item” to item search/optional url to another site
  • add amazon url (search for prod_id reformat for affiliate link) (user paste in amazon url)
  • email my list
    • – link in email for each item to add to your list
    • – link is hash of,, it exists), emailed person’s email (to lookup name)
    • sign me up link
  • format my list
  • format landing/login page (look at
  • make nav bar – separate their stuff/my stuff/send my list
  • make pages for nav resty
  • make pages css strechy – see tmc source work on this a bit more esp ie7
  • add/edit/view shipping info for each person
  • ie7 doesn’t work with dns…need to get better router for office with seperate ip routing – p1 has 6 ip’s
  • remove “purchased” from my_list
  • fix google product remove/save on their_list
  • investigate $10.0 thing…why isn’t it $10.00?

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