I heart icons.


In a digital age….blah blah blah, icons are sweet.

I love icons, computer icons, weather icons, or any symbol confined to a small square canvas.

Icons are an interesting form of art, and it is interesting to look at them as such.  I just found a great page of major newspaper/television weather icons: http://www.jdawiseman.com/papers/trivia/weather-icons.html.  When confined to a theme its great to see all the different interpretations of weather and the stylistic choices each paper/channel makes with this confined set of symbols.

another format that i like to compare is the computer/desktop icon sets.  Iconfactory.com has lots of free sets to choose from (i think i downloaded half of them last night).

I don’t think most people care, but icons make up a very large portion of our aesthetic lives.  This seems to make a difference in computing.  I’m talking about the Apple vs. The World battle.  What is the main component that visually makes mac os x and windows different, the icons.  Sure, there is the menu/layout/user interface usability differences, but visually its all about the icons.  Something about windows makes it feel pedestrian, middle class, not cool.  Anything Apple feels expensive, clean, clear, cool.

Anyway, that’s enough I might nap under my desk now.


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