Why I left MySpace…


Now that I’m working and not in college, many of my friends didn’t get on the Facebook bandwagon.  Facebook, only being open to college students with [dot]edu email addresses in its early days, turned away many kids who weren’t lucky enough to make it to university.

This group includes my brother who is very hard to get a hold of.  One, he lives in the basement of a house, two, he’s a drummer like me and can’t hear his phone, and three, he always has metal cranked on his/my old 1000W soundsystem while he’s playing Xbox.  Since he did not attend college, he was relegated to MySpace for his social networking needs.

I once had a myspace account when it first came out.  I tried it out, decided none of my friends were on it and that AIM would suffice for my social network.  I also would recieve lots of  friend requests from really hot girls that can’t spell. Turns out these hot girls are the conjuring of some geeky dudes in their basements trying to lure you into the world of free porn and endless pop-ups.

So I deleted my account.

Facebook rolled around and since it only focused on building your network at your school it seemed like a great idea, “who is that girl we had chemistry with last semester,” “dude I think her name is Kat, lets facebook her.”   Ok ok, facebook stalking aside, it was a good tool.

Recently, presure from friends at work and in need of contacting my semi-deaf musician brother, I signed up for a myspace account (www.myspace.com/discolustmachine). I now have two friends and I can “email” my brother.

This morning I checked my gmail account to find I had 4 friend requests.  These requests were from hot girls I didn’t know and who couldn’t spell.  Hmmmm, this seems familiar.  So I flag the friend requests as spam and continue on my day.  Looks like these grammer challenged ladies have gotten smarter, or at least more persistent.  As soon as I deleted the friend requests I get three MySpace messeges in my gmail account.   Again from lovely looking ladies who haven’t learned how to tpye.

I am once again considering dumping my account as this kind of spam is unheard of in the Facebook world.  Don’t get me wrong Facebook has its downfalls, i.e. retarded application developers hoping to sell their “next big thing” to someone because they have a “adonomics” valuation of $1 million.  These guys are idiots, and I think they are the same guys who conjured all the hotties on myspace (maybe from lack of leaving their mom’s basements…i don’t know just a shot in the dark)

Anyway, Facebook is clean and easy to navigate, I’m trying to work on fun/not annoying applications for it with Rails, and I don’t get 8 emails in my inbox from fictious women saying i’m really hot, every hour of the day.

MySpace, it was a good idea, but you really dropped the ball on safety and spam.

Facebook, just don’t become myspace, i know you want to, but don’t do it.


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