A Great Weekend Project: A Turntable Stand/Shelf


So I needed a place for all my records and turntables…but didn’t want to spend a fortune on buying something at Target or Wal Mart.

So my girlfriend and I built one ourselves. The project started out as a shelf for clothes…I wanted 9 14×14 inch squares so that the several plastic mail carrier boxes I have would work as drawers. But as we were trying to optimize the amount of wood and lower the cost we ended up on a 2×3 setup with 16×16 inch boxes.

So the 2×3 16×16 inch size works well because you can get almost all the pieces out of one standard 48×96 inch piece of plywood. We found a cheap piece of wood at Home Depot and they cut it to our specs…for free!

All in all the total project cost was under $70

Wood: $15
Drill: $20
Screws: $4
Bolts + Nuts + L-Brackets:$15


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