My new project (devised and developed in two weeks…thanks ruby and you too rails) is now online.  Its kinda basic right now but definetly adds some value to searching for rental housing.

Currently you can only search Boulder, Colorado properies but you can save the ones you like, and trash the ones you don’t.  Its mapped based (if you didn’t figure that out by the name already) so it makes it easy to find places in specific neighborhoods and parts of town.

The address geocoding however, is only as good as the address information the people who post the property provide.  So sometimes properties will get rejected if the address can’t be geocoded or isn’t provided.

You can search by price right now and I’ll be adding bedroom searching too (1bd, 2bd, 12bd, studio) in a few days.

Other cool features coming online are: user set search boundaries on the map, no user registration to test out the full functionality of the site (including saving and trashing properties), and I’ll be adding anonymized email support (why should you give some landlord your email when they won’t give you theirs?)…like you can email the person posting the property and the reply email address they get will actually be accepted by rentmappr and post the response next to the property in your short list – you can also have it forward the email to your real email address.


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