now has RESTful search!

Rails, Ruby now has RESTful search.  Here’s how it works:

You can now just fill in the url to search for properties. Every option available in the search form has been put into a RESTful url that are built in the following format:

You can add “none” for min_price, max_price, or bedrooms, to say you don’t have a preference.

You can search for pets by adding /cats or /dogs, or /cats/dogs for both.

Some examples

/search/1850/none/3br/dogs will search for properties with a monthly rent of at least $1850, with no maximum price, that has three bedrooms and allows dogs.

/search/none/2650/none will search for properties with no minimum price but a monthly rent capped at $2650 and with no preference on bedrooms.

/search/1850/2650/4br/dogs/cats will search for properties between $1850 to $2650 per month that is four bedrooms and allows cats and/or dogs.

Currently you will have to pick a city to search in before these url’s will work.

I am working on a RESTful url search that will let you target specific markets.  Using the same schema from above I would only have to add the city’s name to the url.

/search/boulder/1850/none/3br would search for houses in Boulder with at least a monthly rent of $1850 that has three bedrooms.

This feature will shortly be extended into a “link to these results” generator, making sharing of results much easier, ala “link to this map” in google maps.


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