“Dedicated To: Leaving” hardcore punk I can get into


My buddy Kyle also went through a rough breakup this past summer with a girl who also left him for a total douche bag.  Rough shit to deal with but compounded by the fact that his last band, hardcore metal outfit Murderer, wasn’t booking gigs and couldn’t get their shit together in the studio.

Kyle’s life is music.  I’m pretty sure he is only capable of being an artist which is some respects I’m jelous of b/c he must create to survive, for me its only an outlet, or really, a hobby.

So I was really happy to hear that Kyle and the drummer from Murderer left to start a band focused on the sorrows of dealing with a broken heart.  And they are also focused on being huge, here and in Japan. Kyle’s new mantra has been “I’m fucking making it, and making it big.” Which he deserves. He’s been in more bands than I can count, in and around Denver, for almost the last 10 years, touring with some, crappy little record deals with others, drama with others, but now, maybe this crew of guys have the maturity and chops to really make it out of MooTown and make their mark on the hardcore scene.

Check out Dedicated To: Leaving’s demo tracks they recorded last weekend for $130 up on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dedicatedtoleaving.  They’re already booking gigs and have a limited edition vinyl on the way.  And don’t call them emo, they’ll fucking stab you.

DaftPunk Alive 2007 @ Red Rocks


So I wrote a whole big post about going to Daft Punk and its their first tour since 97 and it was a bunch of hipsters in tight jeans and iPhones but it was cool and they were rocking out because all us weird kids grew up listing to Daft Punk on our hour long bus rides to 8th grade and how Daft Punk has no hype and still has huge turnouts for their shows and they probably spent like $2,000,000 on their setup and transportation for the show. And it was really cool. But that post got deleted so now you get this…and some video with crappy sound that I didn’t take but its on youtube.

“around the world” and some trance type song:

“prime time of your life” into “rollin and scratchin:”

“face to face” mash: