• ajax change city
  • lightbox welcome (after choose city) (with a don’t show this again – store in session – if they then login check that option and add to db)
  • get rid of saved_houses div if not logged in
  • scroll_to for images/streetview
  • click city name to choose city in addition to ‘pick this city’ link
  • searching not working

How’d this happen?


So I’m not really sure how I’m at where I’m at and why its so awesome.

Big news in my life is that my company had to layoff about 20% of our staff, which meant 4 really talented people from our engineering team got fired on Monday.  My boss then writes me in an email that the a huge portion of the company is riding on me and my team (i.e. me, Fernand and Nate) to really make the company succeed.  And that is a little scary but also totally kick ass.  On one hand I’m a little surprised that I didn’t get the axe this week, but on the other hand I fucking rock and maybe its my attitude that’s seen me through this.

Its hard having to see people that i respect and look up to get fired.  Its like I got chosen for the kickball team b/c the captains are betting that what I provide is more valuable than what the other people who didn’t get picked provide. Weird.

So I’m sitting here looking back at life over the past few years going “wow what a fucking crazy ride” and sure its not “i’m touring the world with a band a djing” kinda crazy, which would have, or could still be really cool, but I somehow have built a career out of pretty much nothing to the point where people are betting on me to make shit work for them.

At the same time I have a pretty awesome living situation with people who actually are in similar boats as me and to boot I get along with and actually hangout with AND can talk to about work (believe me girlfriends don’t want to hear about programming and design) AND who are into the same kind of art and music shit that I’m into.  Awesome.

I feel like the life I’ve wanted to live has presented itself to me.  And a lot of the lives that I was trying to live in the past few years never felt quite right and now this, this finally feels like me.  Life is being lived solely for me.  The breakup this summer was really crazy and hard to deal with but really, I’m glad it happened.  Looking back at some pictures tonight I wasn’t in that relationship for the right reasons even though I was happy, I wasn’t as happy as I am now.  And I have to know that I can be happy and at ease with who I am and with what I love about life and that there are people who will respect and appreciate me for that.

So where I am now is just so awesome.  I mean I got a big big big wake up call this week that my job can disapear over-fucking-night and that the only reason I’ll have a job going forward is because of my hard work and that I’m smarter and more talented than the rest of the world, and I am, I’ll tell you all about it. Not to say that I don’t have people that I greatly respect, Tim Pease, who got fired, being one of them, but wow, this whole shit is up to me to put in the work and be smart enough to do shit right the first(ish) time.

I want to thank the people that have helped shape me and put me where I am right now.  First my mom, for always pushing me to keep an open mind and have fun, and for my dad for always throwing me into situations I didn’t think i was ready for and forcing me to grow by “sink or swim” oh and he’s a smart mother fucker, I love you, and hate you sometimes, but really, thank you.  Also to the few women that have been a serious part of my life for the last 6 years, thank you for putting up with me and putting up with my whining and my never thinking i’m good enough, seriously, it had to be rough.

So yeah, life’s pretty freaking real right now and pretty freaking unreal in a lot of good ways.  The future is bright and shining with a thunderstorm on the horizon, good thing I have big ass sunglasses and an umbrella.

Rescuing Exceptions… err… I mean StandardError in Ruby

Linux, Ruby

I’ve heard from people how or how not to rescue things that might break in ruby.  And I was confused.
Your basic rescue frame of mind is something like this:

15306 2014 GitHub
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This won’t give you a very good description of what you rescued so you can rescue specific errors and exceptions like this:

15307 2014 GitHub
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But! I want to catch EVERY POSSIBLE ERROR I MIGHT RUN INTO! So why not just rescue the whole Exception class? Yeah that sounds like a great idea.

15307 2014 GitHub
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Ok so that catches anything we might run into BUT NO!!! Its not a great idea. Let’s illustrate:

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Now let’s say we have a script that is taking FOREVER to do anything like the one above. Let’s send it a kill signal via ctl+c or you could call kill with the process id from the command line. So ready set… kill! Die die die!

Um wait nothing happend…

What did the logger say?

Uh wait what!?!?!

Terminal 2014 bash 2014 142�0
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Ah so rescuing Exception rescues Interrupt (ctl+c) and SignalException (kill).  In this case I had to call kill -9 to get the damn thing to die. The kill -9 command is kind of a silver bullet but you can end up with a mess so don’t use it when you don’t have to, like my associate who crashed a whole cluster of servers that ran a large rental video chain’s backend because kill -9 on that weird flavor of linux did a lot more than just kill the one process, it killed everything that didn’t belong to his user (i.e. goodbye oracle db processes)!

What we should do is rescue StandardError unless you really want to rescue things like ScriptErrors (when you’re eval-ing ruby code) or rescue SignalExceptions (like do something before the thing dies).

This should help:

The Ruby Programming Language
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“Dedicated To: Leaving” hardcore punk I can get into


My buddy Kyle also went through a rough breakup this past summer with a girl who also left him for a total douche bag.  Rough shit to deal with but compounded by the fact that his last band, hardcore metal outfit Murderer, wasn’t booking gigs and couldn’t get their shit together in the studio.

Kyle’s life is music.  I’m pretty sure he is only capable of being an artist which is some respects I’m jelous of b/c he must create to survive, for me its only an outlet, or really, a hobby.

So I was really happy to hear that Kyle and the drummer from Murderer left to start a band focused on the sorrows of dealing with a broken heart.  And they are also focused on being huge, here and in Japan. Kyle’s new mantra has been “I’m fucking making it, and making it big.” Which he deserves. He’s been in more bands than I can count, in and around Denver, for almost the last 10 years, touring with some, crappy little record deals with others, drama with others, but now, maybe this crew of guys have the maturity and chops to really make it out of MooTown and make their mark on the hardcore scene.

Check out Dedicated To: Leaving’s demo tracks they recorded last weekend for $130 up on myspace:  They’re already booking gigs and have a limited edition vinyl on the way.  And don’t call them emo, they’ll fucking stab you.

Google Public Transit on iPhone


So there’s not yet an option to take public transit on the iPhone’s google maps interface.  What’s more, if you try to go to with mobile safari, it will kick you back into the native iPhone app.  Damn… no public transit routing.

But wait!!! If you direct mobile safari to, you will be able to input your start and destination and get back text-based directions for your route.  So until Mr. Google and Mr. Apple decide to integrate the public transport feature (maybe they haven’t because the feature is only available in select markets) into the iPhone’s google map interface, this is all you get.  But hey, it gets you public transit schedules, directions, and routing.

Found this on my iPod about my time at WMC 2005


Miami, it’s a place where everything is fake, fake gangsters, fake smiles, and fake breasts – none of its real. Not even the beaches are real.  Heaven forbid if the ocean were to carry all the sand away; but don’t worry, we have mounds and mounds of backup sand with bulldozers to build a new beach, yea!
Cultural collision is the best way to describe the South Beach area.  Cubans, gang bangers, fake gang bangers, old Jewish people spending their nesteggs in Flarida,  drug dealers in Ferraris, east coast pretentious assholes on vacation, meathead frat guys on spring break,  fake mafia boys from New Jersey pretending to be cool meanwhile maxing out their platinum cards on dinners they can’t afford, there’s everything and everybody but no one seems happy.  Either everyone here has a story or everyone here doesn’t have a story and if they did they’d probably be lying.
I’m not liking it here but maybe it’s because I’m alone and I have no money.  Maybe once the actual conference starts I’ll be having more fun.  Hopefully I see myself meeting cool people and forming connections that may pan out into a career in music or journalism. I hope I can get past the velvet ropes, beyond the guest-list and bouncers checking fake id’s for girls who aren’t more than 17.  I would like to rock on someone else’s dime.  That would be awesome.  But it will probably end up me being too shy and 20, two weeks before my 21st birthday, not being able to really talk to anyone of any importance or even if I’m outgoing, finding people who don’t want to talk.
I feel like a visitor in my own country.  When the cops don’t speak much English you know you’ve definitely left some realm of sanity.  Everyone here is looking to see who’s looking at them, no one actually does anything.  Car loads of people roll by restaurants with the music bumpin’ looking for all the people at curbside to look their way.  No one in the car is singing or dancing or having a good time – everyone has the same blank stare.  They are just rolling by trying to be louder than the next guy.  And no one really pays attention to the cars and the music – over saturation.

A night with Jaad and Lev
Walking around
Them going out

Monday –
Slept late.  Nothing really happening at the hotel – setup began for the conference stuff.  Trusses poolside getting setup.  Went to the beach.  Tried to use a beach chair but after ten minutes was accosted and asked for the $5 rental fee.- F that man.  So I tanned, ok, burned on the sand.   Having very little money on vacation makes things interesting, like not being able to buy suntan lotion.  So I just hung around worked on some music. Pretty bored and pretty lonely.  Watched some movies talked to some people on the cell.  Eventually fell asleep.

Tuesday –
What a better day.   Confrence started today so at least there are people around.  Came down to the lobby about noon or so and was quite pleased.  A DJ will be in the lobby all week from 12-6 bumping the tunes.  The normal guests at the hotel must be terrified by all the music people and loud music all the time.  Checked in and got my badge but wasn’t able to register as press.  My internet dilemma was solved by WMC – thankfully they set up computers in the registration area to get online with for free.  Ventured towards the pool area and got my free goodie bag and went back up to my room to check it out.  Several mags – none of them especially good but some free cd’s and dvds.  Turns out the DMC champions are out here from France – I saw them runin around the hotel and then saw their dvd.  Seem like cool guys.  Anyway, ventured back to the pool for some trance/breaks stuff with a live vocalist.  It was cool – the pool sound system is pretty huge – the bass was shaking the concrete.  There is security for getting to the pool area so people can’t just waltz into the party and many of the guests were very disappointed at the fact they had to get checked out on a guest list before they could access the pool.  Hung out for a while then came back in surfed the net and found I have pretty much no money.

Later at the Stanton poolside cocktail party – at which no one was dancing or drinking – I met John Sterling from NY.  He’s into trance but more of a chill out type trance.  He also really likes to dance and work with a positive vibe.  Similar to me he likes to get high on the music instead of drugs. Cool guy but kinda slow and not as into the scene as I was hoping someone might be.  The pool dj was Chris Liebing from germany spinning on all Stanton