RoR Work

at the bequest of my previous client I have removed any and all references to them, their clients, or their processes – I was not required to sign a non-disclosure agreement with them which means any of my removal of sensitive information is voluntary. any references are now marked as <omitted>


I have some other cool projects coming online…

TwitPlot which is basically a testing ground for me play with the Twitter API. It lets you combine keyword and geolocation searching in a nice, clean, simple UI. my personal website, a place to put snippets of code, art and music.

RentMappr – a way to search craigslist rental housing by location and save the properites you like and trash the ones you don’t like…yeah its sweet


2 thoughts on “RoR Work

  1. Hi,
    I am Java/j2ee developer with 7 year exp. I taught myself Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies by exploring several different ideas for web applications.

    If your are working on yourself, can I join u???


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