Server Meltdown…literally

Linux, Windows

So i was serving off of my acer laptop running ubuntu 7.10.  It was doing some hardcore multi-threaded processing of craigslist data every 30 minutes so I was using a lot of cpu (like 75% on a dual core machine).  So the acer got kinda hot.  And then my roommate in his infinite knowledge of computers (which is limited to let’s build a windows machine to play counter strike on) decided that my laptop was too hot for not “running any programs because i opened it up and there weren’t any windows open so I just shut it off and unplugged it and put it in your room.”  I did stash the thing in his room because he insists he has a hard line to the router/cable modem for his gaming, and I didn’t want to host a website on wireless.

ANYWAY, I had it fired up for a few days in my room on wireless and then for some reason I unplugged it or I don’t know but I wouldn’t turn back on.  My other roommate about the same time was complaining about a power surge b/c her alarm didn’t go off so I thought maybe my power adapter got fried (wouldn’t be the first time).  So I tried the cord in several different outlets and was sure it was fried so i started to splice the connector onto another laptop power supply and then realized that the internal center pin that the ac adapter plugs into was bent.

I attacked the pin with a screw drive to see if I could bend it into place but it turns out the whole rig just crumbled and fell into the case.  So now it looks like (after trying to get the f-ing case off the acer, and yes I even used an electric jigsaw at one point no dice) that the inner piece that fell off would have to be soldered/epoxy’d back in place to get the damn thing to turn on.

Well there goes 8000 lines of my rentmappr database.

Guess I could pony up for a cheap tower and maybe get a sata external laptop hardrive case to port my old data over oh well guess I shouldn’t be doing hardcore multi-threaded site scraping on a laptop stashed behind my roommates desk.

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